Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ragini MMS (The Movie) | Feel the heat this summer with fresh MMS

Balaji's new sensational release coming this month is so hot that censor board has asked Ekta to cut some scenes in movie's promos. Now instantly the though creeps in our mind that when promos are so steaming, how Ekta must have dealt with rest of the movie? Movie is going to be released on 13th May and it is already creating buzz all over the media. India TV going berserk showing the promo in loop. So who has acted in such hot weather to make it even hotter ??

Kangana Ranaut | Ragini MMS

lets see the star cast first

  •  Kainaz Motivala (who played Tanya in WAKE UP SID)
  • Rajkumar (last seen in the controversial bare-butt sex scene in LOVE SEX AUR DHOKHA)
Apparently this movie is not about some paranormal activity as rumors are high in the market, its rather a attempt to recreate one of the famous MMS scandals. Now why create a movie about any mms scandal when we have plenty of genuine mms floating all around the web.

Kainaz Motivala | Ragini MMS

Kainaz Motivala | Lead in Ragini MMS

Kainaz Motivala | Ragini MMS

Kainaz Motivala | Ragini MMS lead

Ragini MMS |   
Kainaz Motivala

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