Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Isha Sarvani | Pics | Wallpapers

Isha Sarvani has natural beauty . You must have seen her performing in movie luck by chance against  Farhan Akhtar. She is not only a god actress but she is also a trained Indian classical dancer...here are few hot pics of her...

UPDATE : Isha Sarvani is marrying cricketer Zaheer Khan , this is latest news report spreading like jungle fire.

Isha Sarvani in a sexy top 

Isha Sarvani | Typical Indian desi girl 

Isha Sarvani | In scanty red dress , she is so sensuous.

Isha Sarvani | In Luck By Chance

Isha Sarvani | In a Photoshoot

Isha Sarvani in a sexy red dress

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